Hot Belgian Chocolate

hotchoclate banner1 Hot Belgian ChocolateOur range and preparation methods of hot chocolate drinks allow our customers to choose what they want and have it prepared the way they want it. Our drinks are made to order with genuine Belgian chocolate to guarantee freshness and consistent quality.

Our genuine Belgian milk or dark hot chocolates are classic favourites. Our variations include: Jaffa, Cinnamon, Mocha, Affogato and Chilli, which is made to you desired level of Chilli intensity. 

hot chocolate beverages Hot Belgian Chocolate 

Hot Chokolait.

Freshly prepared with genuine Belgian chocolate for a rich, smooth and sumptuous hot chocolate experience. Available in Classic Dark and Milk Chocolate, Chilli, Cinnamon, White, Jaffa, Mocha and Affogato.


hot shot beverage Hot Belgian Chocolate 

Chokolait. Hot Shots

Our genuine Belgian chocolate Hot Shots are prepared in the Italian style and made to order with either a thick like honey texture or the classic thick, eat with a spoon texture.